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Build a Career to Protect Your Family

Empowering mothers to become self-sufficient and breaking cycles of poverty


In the area of workforce development, our Breaking Barriers Program helps mothers to become self-sufficient. This life-transforming program helps mothers work through some of the barriers they face in finding employment in Dallas County and surrounding areas. By investing in our mothers' careers, Heart of Courage can help mothers achieve reuniting their families and ultimately add economic value to the communities they live in. 

The ultimate purpose is to assist mothers of low-income families, gain the skills and education necessary to transition from public assistance and gain long-term employment. 

What Do We Offer


Individualized Career Coaching

Our individualized meetings offer mothers personalized goals and planning in all aspects of their career search and development. From getting their GED and drivers license to helping them write a resume, perform job searches and interview, we are there to coach them every step of the way.  As an added support, Heart of Courage helps mothers connect to resources that are critical in eliminating barriers to employment such as: transportation, housing, childcare, and any other needs they may have.


Career Retention Services

Heart of Courage wants to ensure that our clients who enter employment retain their employment status. In order to assist in this retention, Heart of Courage offers intensive support services, working with both the client and employer through scheduled check-ins, workshops, and post-employment financial and educational support.


As an extra incentive our clients will receive support in budgeting and money management. We understand that when our client’s earnings increase and they become ineligible for public assistance resulting in potential unemployment and returning to public assistance. Our goal is to prepare mothers understand smart budgeting and prevent falling back to public assistance. 


Other services include the following:


  • Career exploration and job placement assistance

  • Skills assessment

  • Referrals and assistant with career preparation, certificate, and credential programs

  • Career assessments and counseling

  • Educational exploration and referral assistance

  • Resume writing, cover letter job interview assistance

  • Annual Breaking Barriers Career Conference

  • Mini courses, workshops and seminars


Our goals are to have each mother:

  •  Employed within three months

  •  Have an average hourly wage of $12.50 

  •  Will receive a health care benefits as part of their wage package.

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