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Young Professionals Board 

In a Meeting

Looking to get involved, become an advocate, meet new people, and make an impact?

We are looking for energetic leaders in the community to lead our Young Professionals Board (YPB). The Heart of Courage YPB is tasked with raising the visibility of the organization, fundraising, and advocating for the rights of our clients. 

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Learn philanthropy and how it impacts the nonprofit sector

  • Develop leadership qualities and enhance your communication and fundraising skills.

  • Network professionally with a diverse group of peers, community members, and our Board of Directors.

  • YPB members will grow the YPB and contribute to the board's strategy for fundraising and marketing. 

  • Potentially open the door to new career opportunities and leadership opportunities.


If you want to make a difference and support our charitable work while meeting new people, apply to join the Young Professionals Board. If you have any questions, please email us at​​

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