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EVERY 2 MINUTES a child is placed in the child welfare system. Children are being removed from their homes at an overwhelming rate. A rate to the point that there are not enough homes available to foster these children. BUT WHAT IF...we could help the mothers so that the children can return home? What if we could help the FAMILY by helping the mother to create an environment that is healthy and nurturing, and where the mother can realize her full potential and become self-sufficient?  That is what Heart of Courage does. We are there to help the mother and help the family. 

OUR MISSION: Advocating for the reunification of families impacted by the child welfare system, Heart of Courage works side-by-side with mothers to instill personal responsibility, self-worth, and courage to overcome situational adversities. 

OUR VISION: Heart of Courage helps women develop a healthy and positive perspective. We focus on strengthening:

  • Attitudes: To inspire pro-social friendships and strong interpersonal skills, and to instill a sense of hope in the future. 

  • Goals: To empower self-sufficiency establishing goals and following through on commitments.

  • Expectations: To expand the perspectives of our clients and make them aware of life's possibilities. 

WE OFFER: We provide an array of services, such as advocacy, one-on-one mentoring, job readiness and educational support services, and community outreach. Mothers are empowered to create nurturing homes where their children can blossom. By giving hope and expanding awareness of life's possibilities, Heart of Courage helps mothers who are impacted by the child welfare system due to drug addiction, incarceration, domestic violence, mental health issues, domestic violence, and even homelessness. In addition to case management by our Family Advocates, we offer: 

  • Court Advocacy - There are times when mothers need help in the court to reunite with their children. Our court advocacy programs provide support for mothers in the court.

  • Moms Like Us ( Peer Mentoring) - Mentors at Heart of Courage provide another layer of support for mothers during their journey. They help mothers reach their goals, overcome past challenges, find forgiveness, and more.

  • Breaking Barriers (Career, Education & Financial Coaching) - A stable home can depend on a mom's full-time employment. We help mothers find career opportunities to provide for their families and bring a sense of accomplishment to their lives. We provide in-depth career coaching for everyone, including people with felonies.

  • Community Outreach - Community Outreach includes educating the community about the foster care system and mothers sharing their personal experiences. We also like to partner with other community organizations to help break the cycle of children becoming a part of the foster care system. We know it takes a community of services to help mothers rebuild their lives.

OUR NEEDS: We are raising funds to support our operational cost and programming costs. As people learn more about our services, our referral caseloads are increasing. We are also planning new programs, such as our COURAGE2CHANGE cohort- an 8-week psychoeducational group aimed at providing mothers with active CPS cases with the knowledge and skills to make meaningful changes in their lives.



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