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Effective Communication

Do you ever trouble communicating with your children? Have you ever try to have a conversation but they just don’t respond?

That happens to the best of us. Here are 5 ways on how you can better communicate with your child.

1. Communication is a two way streak.

Unless you are talking to yourself in the mirror, you are almost always talking to someone else. It is the same with your child. Make sure that your child feels like you are having a conversation where they are being heard and allowed to speak.

2. Look for NONVERBAL communication

Communication does not only involve verbal communication, but it also is encompassed nonverbally. Nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, tone of voice, eye contact, body language, posture, and more. These cues can say a lot in what your child is trying to communicate with you.

3. Acknowledge and validate your child’s feelings

Letting your children know that their feelings matter is critical because it allows them to be more open with their feelings and feel more comfortable speaking to you.

4. Let your kids know you’re listening

Letting your kids know that you are listening to them is critical in communication. Listening lets your children know that they are being heard and that you care about their thoughts and ideas. Active listening is critical in having better communication with your child(ren). Repeat what you heard them say and let them finish their sentence before you start.

5.Respond in a way your child or teen will hear you

Kids will often tune out your words if you yelling or appear angry. Try to soften your strong reactions, so your child(ren) will be able to react better. Resist the urge to argue about who is right. It can decrease your child(ren)’s self esteem. In addition, try to focus on your child(ren)’s feelings rather than your own. Feelings matter! Validate them. It will show your child(ren) that you care and are more likely to respond better.

There you have it! 5 tips to better communicate with your child. Let us know in the comments on how it worked for you.

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