We want to be Your Mentor

Heart of Courage provides dependable and caring mentors to support and guide our mothers, as they develop the attitudes, goals and expectations it will take to help them create a stable and sustainable environment for their family.


Through mentoring Heart of Courage will be able to:

  • Provide participants with support from mentors that will help them to overcome past challenges, find forgiveness of themselves and gain hope for their futures;

  • Help mothers develop a feeling of genuine pride by encouraging them to make choices that will help them become successful; and

  • Increase the number of mothers being reunited or remaining united with their child.

Become a Mentor

Our mentoring program uses volunteers to commit to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to mothers in jeopardy of losing custody of their child or need our support services.  Our mentors can help our mothers develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals.


Mentor Role

  • Take the lead in supporting our mothers through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship

  • Serve as a positive role model and friend

  • Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together

  • Strive for mutual respect 

  • Build self-esteem and motivation

  • Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them

All mentors MUST be:

  • Willing listener

  • Encouraging and supportive

  • Patient and flexible

  • Tolerant and respectful of individual differences

If you are interested in becoming a mentor contact: